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MetaNotey-easy mint NFT

MetaNotey provides stress-free card-style inputs to record work/life fragments with multi-person sharing support. MetaNotey has build-in NFT functionality which allows you to generate your NFT from notes and publish to markets or share it with friends. Capture ideas when inspiration strikes. Bring your notes, photos, and NFTs together to create unique copyrighted content in the web3.0 era. MetaNotey syncs to all your devices so that you can stay productive anytime, anywhere. Use the share board to share your notes and NFTs, and connect your thoughts to express your imagination. What we can do: - Mint Notes NFTs: Protect your copyrights, and you can trade them on NFT marketplaces - Shared Board: Share with your family or friends easily - NO Pressures Input: Record inspiration fragments at any time, anywhere - Structured Links: Make the link content clearer - Dark mode: Support Dark/Light theme More exciting content continues to be updated and released.

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Loving the flexibility of the app so far! My only concern right now is that when I open the front page (regardless of it being the first time opening the app) where all my notes are, the notes move around on top of each other and under each other. It takes a while for the plus sign to actually let me add things when the screen is like this. I wasn't expecting much but so far I really like the MetaNotey. I am pleasantly surprised. I don't have room to take my journal with me all the time and my iPad so I was hoping this would replace my need for the journal. So far so good. I haven't been able or wanted to stop messing with for the app for hours now. Looking forward to new features, templates and stickers to use, a little limited in stickers currently. I really enjoy the app but it is missing one crucial thing for me. Please add the ability, like OneNote, to crop the size of the picture before pasting it into your notes. I would like to only get certain things in the picture and not have to go to images on my device and crop there and then insert it in. Thank you so much for making this available to us students and thank you for your consideration! I feel bad for calling MetaNotey a simple note taking application, because in my opinion, it’s much more than that. As a third year college student, I’ve found myself taking notes on things all the time, and my devices have become increasingly used for productivity, making them seem like a necessity. MetaNotey provides great utility that feels nicer than most applications I’ve tried; more lightweight with a sleek design, and the text formatting isn’t a pain in the neck. ...

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